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Our range of Dermal products is revolutionary, and when you use Healicoll, Hemocoll and Surgical-mesh, you can be sure that your dermal applications will receive better care.


  • Healicoll is bioengineered high purity Type-I Collagen to enhance tissue generation for wound management.
  • Healicoll is acellular dermal replacement product applicable for wounds, burns & ulcers.
  • Hemocoll is a absorbable sterile filbrillar collage wound filler.
  • Hemocoll is an active absorabable topical hemostatic agent.
  • Surgicoll-Mesh is an implantable,bioresorbable tissue regenerative sterile Type-I, collagen matrix.

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Our dermal products are healing the wound faster. Healicoll reduces the wound pain significantly compared to other advanced products. It accelerates tissue remodelling without causing irritation and basically reduces post-treatment care requirements. Healicoll is intended to accelerate the healing rate and to reduce scar formation by depositing oriented. Hemocoll is an effective hemostat made of 100% bio- active native collagen fibres physiologically interact with the body's own clotting mechanism to stop bleeding. The result is a quick cessation of bleeding that is achieved more rapidly and more effectively than either Gelfoam or Surgicel. Surgicoll-Mesh is a bio-compatible collagen mesh that is flexible, strong yet soft collagen membrane that is supple when hydrated and handles like natural tissue. It readily conforms to the surgical site upon application and is easily sutured. Surgicoll-Mesh is constituted by type-I collagen membrane that is free of contaminants like lipids, elastin and other immunogenic proteins. The collagen is used in the Surgicoll-Mesh product is based on a patented technology that ensures the high purity type-I collagen.