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As doctors, you want to provide your patients with the best treatment options that are available in the market. With changes in the environment around us, with so many medical advancements, today there are just so many medical products available that can offer to make your treatment solutions better.

We at Advanced Biotech Products understand that you are looking for top quality medical products for your patients and therefore we bring to you an entire range that you can choose from to provide only the best in health care services.

We would like to familiarize you with our company, and how we work towards making a difference every day. All our products are collagen based, and this collagen is the most pure, bioactive and biocompatible.


Healicoll is a bioengineered high purity Type-I collagen (>97% pure) forming an acellular skin substitute construct that is highly bioactive, cell conducive, and supportive towards enhancing tissue generation for wound management. Healicoll is an acellular dermal replacement product and is within the definition of a bioengineered skin substitute. It provides a framework that promotes the regeneration of blood vessels and supports biologic cell migration due to the resorbable properties of Healicoll. Treatment course typically involves 1 to 4 applications.It is processed under GMP conditions and with stringent USP quality tests as per WHO and other International Standards.

Advantages of Healicoll Biological Skin Substitute:

  • High purity Type-I Collagen: Healicoll is a patented reconstituted bioactive collagen sheet, free of immunogenic proteins, lipids, and elastin. The native structure of collagen is not altered or cross-linked which maintains its high bioactivity.
  • Faster Healing: Collagen phosphorylation attracts cells, regenerates tissue, and stimulates blood capillaries/granulation within 4 to 5 days.
  • Innovative Technology: Better than intact tissue-based membranes like amnion, intestinal wall, urinary bladder etc. which contain 15% elastin.
  • Pain Control: Effectively reduces pain.
  • Easy Application: No washing needed prior to use. The overall clinical usage of Healicoll is simple and easy as it can be cut, sutured or stapled.
  • Cost-Effective: Accelerated wound healing and tissue remodeling with minimal applications reduce the treatment cost by over 40%.
  • Various Sizes: Choose from a wide range of our standard dimensions.
  • Long Shelf Life: Remains clinically usable for 3 years when stored in room temperature conditions.

Packing Details

  • Each box contains 5 Sheets.

Available Sizes (in cms):

5x5 5x10 2x25 10x10 10x15 10x20 10x25 15x15 15x20 15x30
15x45 15x65 20x20 20x25 25x25 20x30 20x40 30x30 40x40 60x60

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Hemocoll is a 100% bioactive native collagen hemostat. Unlike passive hemostats, Hemocoll collagen fibres physiologically interacts with the body's own clotting mechanisms to stop bleeding. The result is a quick cessation of bleeding that is achieved more rapidly and more effectively than either Gelfoam or surgicel.

The high purity collagen fibres of Hemocoll naturally attracts and aggregates platelets, enhancing the clotting process better than the partially denatured or gelatinized collagen products. Hemocoll does not require thrombin to enhance its efficacy.

Available Sizes:

Catalog Number Size Specification
7002.C-1 0.25gm (Approx. 2.5ml)
7002.C-2 0.50gm (Approx. 5ml)



Surgicoll-Mesh is a biocompatible collagen mesh that is flexible, strong yet soft. The collagen membrane is also supple when hydrated and handles like natural tissue. It readily conforms to the surgical site upon application and is easily sutured. Surgicoll-Mesh is constituted by Type-I collagen membrane that is free of contaminants like lipids, elastin and other immunogenic proteins. The collagen used in the Surgicoll-Mesh product is based on a patented technology that ensures the high purity Type-I collagen. It is processed under patented conditions and with stringent USP quality tests as per WHO (World Health Organization) and other international standards.

Advantages of SURGICOLL-MESH:
Surgicoll-Mesh offers clear advantages over synthetic and other collagen products for soft tissue repair and reconstructive applications. The product’s biochemistry and microporosity facilitate rapid cell penetration and revascularization. Ultimately, Surgicoll-Mesh acts as a scaffold that can be naturally and progressively integrated, remodeled and eventually replaced by functional host tissue. Surgicoll-Mesh uses a patented process to purify the Type-I collagen and make it into a membrane with the biological properties and structure of native collagen.

Available Sizes (in cms):

5x5 2x25 5x10 10x10 10x15 10x20 15x15
10x25 15x20 20x20 15x30 20x25 20x30

Surgicoll-Mesh, Implantable, Bioresorbable Tissue Regenerative Sterile Type-I Collagen Matrix
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